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Inviting a relative over for medical treatment
 On Aired Data: July 20, 1999
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Foreign female who has married a Japanese male last year, and is currently living in Japan. She has an 8-year old child between her ex-husband, and her mother is looking after the child in her mother country..

Her mother recently became ill, so she would like to invite her mother over for medical treatment, as well as inviting her child over with her.

There are two things concerned in this case. One is the child’s visa and the other is the visa for her mother to come over for medical treatment. Also since our client is considering having her mother stay in Japan with the family, even after the medical treatment, we must also consider the visa for it too.

The child, being the real child of a spouse of a Japanese (=our client), would be granted the Long Term Status visa.

The visa for the mother to come over for medical treatment would be the short-term visa, which is issued for 90 days. To obtain the visa, they must state that the mother needs the kind of advanced medical care she can get in Japan, and not in her home country. Basically there are no renewals for the short-term visas, but in these cases, if further medical treatment is needed, she should get a renewal on her visa for Designated Activities, which is permitted, to those whose activities are specifically designated by the Minister of Justice.

Next we have to think of the status for our client’s mother after the medical treatment has ended. Under the immigration law, mothers are not considered as a family member so she cannot apply for the Dependant Status. If our client’s mother does not fall under any other category, they would have to apply for the Long Term status visa. They would have to state the reason of why there is the need for the mother to live in Japan with her daughter’s family, to obtain special permission from the Minister of Justice. This is similar to the process of applying for the Designated Activities status..