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 Brief outline on divorce in Japan
 On Aired Data: August 17, 1999
Summary of the On Aired Program

Today we will be giving you a brief outline of getting a divorce for internationally married couples.

The way divorces are treated differs according to each country’s law. Some countries allow divorces, some don’t, and some require a certain time of separation before the divorce becomes legal. This difference in the law is what makes a divorce of an international marriage complicated.

For instance let’s say an internationally married Japanese male, and a Philippine female decide to get a divorce. In the Philippines, divorce is not legally permitted, whereas in Japan divorce is legal. In a case like this when either of the spouses are Japanese, and the couple is residing in Japan, they can get a divorce according to the Japanese law.  

Another thing to take care of after a divorce is changing of surnames. When a Japanese national divorces a foreign national, and if they had changed their surname, most wish to change back their surname to their maiden name. You can change your surname just by registering it at the municipal office, as long as you report to them within 3 months after your divorce. This also goes for the children, if they have the need to change their surname after their parents’ divorce.When a foreign national wishes to continue living in Japan after their divorce, they need to change their status also. If the couple does not have any children, or the foreign national is not staying under the working visa, and they cannot find any other status to fall under, they would have to leave the country.