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Getting Married to a person that has been deported (case 1)
 On Aired Data: January 18, 2000
Summary of the On Aired Program
35 year old Japanese male.


Fell in love with a foreign dancer staying in Japan. Right after they started dating, she was deported from Japan, for overstaying. A year after her deportation, he visited her at her home country and proposed to her. They are getting married soon, and they want to figure out a way to live in Japan together.

The revision of the immigration law on February 18, 2000, states that those who have been deported cannot enter Japan for at least five years. You must keep in mind that it is quite difficult to enter Japan again, after deportation. In some cases, even after applying 3 times, a couple cannot live together, because one of them was deported in the past.

When one asks for permission to enter Japan after having been deported, the immigration office will look into each case very closely. They will see why one had been deported. They do this because there are many backgrounds to how one has been deported. For instance, it should be easy to understand that those who surrendered to the immigration office for over staying, and those who were hiding their overstay would be treated differently. The reason for their overstaying will also be taken into consideration. This is why it takes time, and it is very difficult to receive permission from the immigration office.

It is not impossible for a married couple to live together, even after one has been deported, but it is very difficult. So don’t lose your patience, and keep on trying. Because if you don’t challenge, you will never be permitted, but if you try, you have a chance on being permitted.