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Procedures to take after a baby is born
 On Aired Data: March 21, 2000
Summary of the On Aired Program
A Filipino couple that has been living in Japan for six years.The husband is staying under the Engineer status, and the wife, under the Dependant status.

Our client is expecting to have a baby in Japan soon, and would like to know the procedures involved after the child is born.

A child is considered “born”…
(under the civil law) When the baby is delivered safely. At this point the baby is given the right and duty of a human being.
(under the criminal law) When a portion of the baby comes out from the mother. At this point homicide can be legally applied.

The procedures following the birth are:

At the city hall or ward office:

1) The Notification of Birth (within 14 days after birth)
*the gender
*the legitimacy of the child
*the date, time, and place of birth
*the name and nationality of the parentsare stated

2) The Proof of Birth

3) The Maternal and Child Health Handbook

(After acquiring the status of resident)

For Alien Registration
1) You must register within 60 days after birth
2) 2 pictures (4.5cm X3.5cm)

At your nearest health center:
1) Your notification card, which is included in the Handbook

At the respective consulate or embassy:
1) Apply for a passport by submitting the birth registration (Shussei Todoke)

You will need 2 copies of the baby’s photograph.

At the immigration office:

1) Permission to acquire status of residence (for the child)

*this must be taken care of within 30 days of birth

*the status of resident of the newborn is determined according to the parent’s status

*before applying, you must acquire a passport from your resident country’s embassy

note: This process is not necessary if the baby has plans to leave Japan within 60 days after birth.

Other things you must take care of is registration for national health insurance, or social insurance in order to receive check ups, and vaccinations.

Also, if the father pays social securities at work, he is entitled to receive a lump sum allowance for child birth and nursing, and not only that, but by registering the child as a dependant family member, he is also entitled for a deduction on your withholding taxes.