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What do you do after you apply for naturalization
 On Aired Data: April 4, 2000
Summary of the On Aired Program

A family (father, mother, and two children) has applied for naturalization in March, and soon they will be getting approved

They would like to know what procedures they must take after being approved of naturalization

Q1) After being proved of naturalization, at what point are the applicants considered as Japanese citizens?
A1) According to Article 10 of the Nationality Law, it is stated that when the Minister of Justice approves naturalization, it must be stated in the official gazette. Once it is stated in the gazette, one is considered as a Japanese citizen.

Q2) When is the naturalization stated on the family registration?
A2)First of all, when a naturalization is approved and stated on the official gazette, the Ministry of Justice will notify each local Justice office. Then, the local Justice office will inform each applicant that they have been approved and the applicant will have to visit the office on the date stated and go on to the remaining procedures.
At this point, the Justice office will issue an identification card for applicants of naturalization. Report to your local municipal office with this card, and they will proceed with the procedures of your family registration.

Q3) Would the applicant immediately be able to run in elections, or work as a public official?A3) Theoretically, you can but actually you will have to be registered to do so.

Q4) Tell us more about family registration.

A4) According to the Family Registration Law, you must apply for a family registration within one month after the approval of your naturalization. So it is best to apply within one month, after you receive your ID card from your local Justice office. Generally, the applicant must report in person, but for children under 15 the legal guardian may report instead. In the case of our client, it is best that he report to the local municipal office with his wife and children.

Q5) Does he have to return his “Alien Registration Card”?
A5) Yes.You must return your Alien Registration Card to the Alien Registration Counter. You can also send your card by mail, instead of reporting in person. But there is a penalty for not returning your card, so don’t forget to return it!

Q6) What other procedures must he take?
A6) Also you must enroll your resident registration, and seal impression registration. If you are an employee, you must hand in your resident card for your social insurance. Or, if you already have national health insurance, you must notify them of the change you had.
  Another important procedure is returning your current passport to your home country’s embassy, and file for a Japanese passport. If you are living in Osaka, the passport center is located in the Osaka Prefectual Government Office.

  And here is a list of things you might want to take under consideration in changing:

a) your bank card/ credit card

b) your driver’s license

c) (if you own real estate)you need register for alternation of the registration titler

d) if you are a licensed business trader, you need to alter your license

e) if you are on a board of directors for a company, you also need to alter your registration