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Changing from student status to a working visa (1)
 On Aired Data: May.16,2000
Summary of the On Aired Program

A Japanese male who is a manager of a factory in Higashi Osaka City. The factory produces car parts.

One of his part time workers is a Chinese student who has worked for him for the past 4 years. Since this student is staying in Japan under the student status, he has obtained the permission to be engaged in an Activity Other Than That Permitted by the status of Residence previously granted.
The student being a hard worker, the client would like to hire the student as a full time after, after his graduation. So our client would like to know what he has to do for the student to change his visa from a student status to a working visa

Unfortunately, there is information about this case, which the client has not clearly stated. So we can only give you general advice on the matter.

For instance one important information that is missing is what the students major in college was. This is because for foreign students to continue working in Japan after their graduation from a Japanese college, the work type of work they will do has to be related to what his/her major was.

Although if the student were to be hired as a interpreter, the type of industry and the student’s major does not have to be related. So if the client’s has trade relations with China, or has an affiliate in China obviously there would be the need to have an interpreter between them. Or if the client often has trainees from China, there is also the need for an interpreter. If this was the case, the student has a chance of being approved of the work visa.

If this student had majored in some field related to engineering, he may apply for a working visa to work at the client’s factory. But you must keep in mind that he cannot work just as a factory worker. This will not be approved, and this is the case which is most difficult for factories to have foreign workers. In this kind of case, it would be wise to consult with a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer.

Another choice this student may have is to apply under the condition that he has certain years of experience in a certain field, other than his major. This maybe quit possible regarding that he is 30 years old.