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The Investor/Business Manager Status
 On Aired Data: May 15, 2001
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A Representative Director of a jeweler.


An Indian friend who is the current owner of the company established the company 12 years ago, and he employs our client as a representative. The owner lives in India, and visits the company in Japan on occasions, under the business visa.Now the owner wishes to move to Japan to run the business himself. So our client would like to know what are the necessary procedures for the owner to run the business in Japan, and what status the owner must apply for.

The appropriate status for the owner would be the Investor/Business Manager. This status is for those who engage in activities to commence the operation of international trade or other business, to invest in international trade or other business and to operate or manage that business, or to operate or manage international trade or other business on behalf of foreign nationals (including foreign corporations) who have begun such an operation or have invested in such a business. The business in question must meet certain conditions of scale. Applicants who wish to engage in business management must fulfill certain conditions concerning work status and personal history.
One condition that has to be met is that the company must have two or more full time employees, even though there is no need for so many employees. Of course the employee can be Japanese or a foreigner, but if the employee is a foreigner, he/she must be a spouse of a Japanese, a long term resident, or a permanent resident. Not only do you have requirements concerning the number of employees, but also need to promise them a decent living. For instance, you must pay them the minimum wage of Osaka prefecture, which is more than 125,000yen. Also you need to have them signed up for the Social Insurance, as well as the Worker’s Insurance. And of course you need an office to work in.

The documents are as follows:

1. The registration for alternation of the director
2. (after 1.)A copy of the company’s registration
3. A copy of the owner’s passport
4. Documents to prove this person is the owner, brochures that explain what this company actually does, and documents of the statement of accounts. In addition, documents that prove you have more than 2 full time employees; documents that show you are providing them with insurance, and the address of the employees. It maybe a good idea to have photos of your office and contracts concerning your office.

The procedure is the same as when applying for the Eligibility, which means you need two, 4x3 size photos of yourself. You will apply for this at your nearest immigration office. It is officially announced by the immigration office that it takes 2months for the procedure, but normally you can receive it in one to one and a half months. And we advise you that although there is no problem in applying yourself, it will be more quick, and easy if you consult with a professional.