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Marriage between a foreign couple residing in Japan
 On Aired Data: July 3, 2001
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A foreign student in her junior year, studying at a Japanese University.


Her boyfriend is also a former foreign student studying at a Japanese University, and is 2 years senior of her. He has already graduated and currently working in a Japanese company.Recently they have started to talk about getting married. Although she agrees on getting married with him, she wishes to graduate first.
 Both are foreigners, but both are from seperate countries. She would like to know what procedures they must take to get married in Japan.

One way for them is to get married under either of their country’s law. This can be done by visiting the country’s embassy in Japan. Also, if under the country’s law, or according to their religion, they are required to have a wedding ceremony, this can also be done in churches, temples or any other facility in Japan.

To hand in a Marriage Registration in Japan, the first thing this couple must do is to check the conditions of a marriage according both country’s law. The embassies should be able to provide them with the information. They should receive a written document stating that they are eligible in getting married under their country’s law. This document must prove that they are old enough to get married and also that they are single.

After receiving this document, they should visit the nearest municipal office or city hall, whichever their alien registration is registered, along with their passport. There they can submit their marriage registration.

After the marriage registration is submitted, they can receive a “Certificate of Acceptance of a Marriage Registration”. They should bring this certificate to their embassy in Japan to report their marriage. The process of doing this differs according to the country. Some require only the couples themselves to report to the embassy, while some require having witnesses to come with them.

At this point, they have no need in reporting their marriage to the immigration office, nor does she have to change her visa to the Dependant visa. She can remain staying in Japan under her student visa. After graduating, if she gets a job in Japan, she would have to change her visa to a working visa, and if she chooses to stay in Japan without doing anything specific, she can change to the Dependant visa. Under the Dependant status, she is not allowed to work, but if she obtains the Special Permission to Engage in Activities other than those stated on her present status, she can get a part time job.

After the marriage, the result of what happens to their nationality differs according to the countries concerned. In some cases there would be no change in their nationalities, in other cases the spouse may be able to obtain the nationality of his/er partner. It would be best to check with their embassy.