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The status for photographers
On Aired Data: December 18, 2001
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A foreigner who would like to come to Japan and work as a photographer.

She would like to know what status she will fall under.

There are various statuses that she can fall under. For instance, artist, journalist, specialist in humanities and international services, and entertainer.

Let's take a closer look at the journalist status for example.
This is the status for specialists in TV cameras. Basically those under this status are hired by foreign-based media. Also freelance cameramen are included. The main purpose for this status is that the person, who intends to be the holder, has a contract with a foreign base media to work in Japan as a cameraman for journalistic purposes.

Should the client choose to apply for the artist visa, she would have to be able to make a living by having private exhibitions and publishing photograph collections. Also the applicant can have photography workshops and make money from the tuition also. Of course freelance photographers are granted this status as well.

Another option would be to apply for the specialist in humanities and international services status. If our client would like to work in the field of advertising or designs, this is the appropriate status. To apply for this status, one must have 3 years or more experience in the field, and a contract stating that she will be paid the same or more wage as her Japanese colleagues is required.

The last option would be the entertainer status. If she is planning to take photographs for commercial use, such as models, for magazines, or CD covers, this is the appropriate status. Freelance photographers are also granted this status, as long as they are paid the same or more compared to the Japanese photographers.