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"The required work experience in relation to the different types of
working visa" February 18, 2003
Introducing frequently asked questions, we are going to talk about the required 
work experience in relation to the different types of working visa. Eligibility for a 
working visa does not mainly depends on your academic records, but also to your 
working experience. Hence on experiences can be more important than learning 
from books, specially for those professions that require no college degree, but 
require learning from professionals in their field. For example, most of the license 
cooks earn their present standing by happening among non restaurants to work as 
assistant for the primary chef. So, if a foreign cook will apply for a working visa 
with the category of skilled labor, the immigration bureau will definitely investigate 
his working experience in the skill of business where he has been employed to prove 
his skills or eligibility for the status. In short, foreigners given the category of skilled 
labor status are considered artists and are expected to have high skill and 
techniques in their field, so the immigration bureau requires them to have certain 
years of experience.

The required length for work experience varies according to the type of working 
visa. So, let's talk about which types of visa need work experience and find out 
how long is the required experience for each type of the working visa. The most 
popular professional foreigners who have skilled labor status is chef and chefs are 
required to have at least 10 years of experience. Other professions that require at 
least 10 years of working experience to obtain the skilled labor status are 
architects, jeweler and its dealers, furriers and its dealers, animal trainers and 
hardware manufacturer. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you 
are an architect and will work in a company whose foreign director has more than 
10 year of experience, you will be required only of 5 year experience for the skilled 
labor status on the condition that you will work under the supervision of the sent 
director. For those who will work as sports instructor of a team, 3 years of 
experience is enough to obtain the skilled labor status. The aware that the 
required years of work experience meant by the immigration bureau includes those 
years you spend for training and studies in a vocational school or university. Let's 
say, you are required of 10 year experience, so if you are trained at a vocational 
school for 3 years, 7 years of work experience will satisfy the requirement. The 
aware also that university diploma is not as strict prerequisite for the skilled labor 
status because even you did not graduate from a university or college majoring in 
their respective field, 10 years of work experience can make up for it. The surprise 
mostly to engineers and also is applicable to those professions under the residence 
status of specialist in humanities or international services. Also a college degree 
majoring in humanities if preferable for those who will work as a specialist in 
humanities, 10 years of work experiences is unacceptable criterion. Now, if you 
want to engage in international services such as an interpreter, translator, press 
agent, publicity expert or designer, 3 years of work experience will do. International 
services is defined as the service that requires specific ideas or understanding 
based on experiences with foreign cultures. Also, if you will be working as a 
translator or interpreter and you are a college degree holder, 3 years of experience 
will not be required.

The other types of working visa that require certain work experiences are following; 
under the investor of business manager status if you are engage in management of 
international trade or other business on behalf of a foreign national who began or 
invested business, you must have at least 3 years of working experience in 
administration or management of the business entity. In a case of researcher 
status which allows you to work in a research laboratory or other institutions, you 
will need at least 3 years of experience in the intended research after graduating 
from university. In such cases, period spent in graduate school majoring in the 
respective research will be considered. Moreover, even if you don't have the 
background on the intended research, 10 years of research experience is enough to 
obtain the researcher status.

Now, to prove your work experience before the immigration office basically, you will 
need the employment certificate from the company who you are employed. The 
certificate must estate your position and the inclusive date of your employment. If 
you have transferred from one company to another throughout your 10 year 
career, you have to secure the employment certificate from each other companies 
to prove your total years of work experience. And, if you have spent most of your 
career abroad, presenting only the employment certificate will not be enough to 
meet the requirement. This is because each country has their own occupational 
qualifications and there are professions that require the concern to take the 
licensure board exam. So without the professional license, they won't to be allowed 
to practice their professions. In such cases, you will be required to submit to the 
immigration office the certify true copy of your professional license.