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"What to do when your passport is missing or stolen" May 5, 2003
 Good evening. Today, we are going to talk about what to do when your passport is 
missing or stolen. When you lost your passport, or it is stolen, there are mainly two 
different procedures to take. They are the application for the issuance of passport 
and the petition for the transfer of endorsement. The procedures differ depending 
on whether he lost it in Japan or outside Japan. Today, let's take a look at the 
case of losing your passport in Japan and talk about the other case next time. 

Basically, you can have your lost or stolen passport reissue at your country's 
embassy or consulate in Japan. Most of the embassy or the consulate have the 
authority to issue passports to its people. However, there are some countries that 
limit the issuance of passport solely to the home country's Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs. So, it's advisable to consult first with your embassy in any case. It is 
important to notify your embassy or consulate when you have your passport stolen 
or lost. Consult with them how to have about having your passport reissued. When 
you go to your embassy, you have to prove the fact that your passport was lost or 
stolen. You need to have some kind of document or certification issued by the 
police station when you should have first reported the loss of your passport. 
Documents and procedures are different depending whether you lost your passport 
or it was stolen. 

In case you lost your passport, you must submit a lost article report to any police 
station near you and ask them to issue a certificate's statement report of the loss 
of an article. If your passport was stolen, it becomes a criminal case, which means 
you have to report the loss to the police station in charge of the police where you 
were robbed. If your passport was stolen at the airport, go to the airport police. If 
the robbery happened on a train, report to the railway police force. You will then be 
issued with a certificate stating the robbery report at the police office. 

Having the certificate of loss or theft issued by the police department, you should 
then go to your country's embassy or consulate general and declare the incident 
and process or the re-issuance of your passport. Aside from the certificates, you 
will need in general your photograph, a copy of the certificate of alien registration, 
any identification card, which can prove your nationality. Depending on the case, a 
marriage certificate or a birth certificate might also be required. And of course, you 
will need to pay for re-issuance of the passport. Inquire at your respective 
embassy or consulate general how much will the services cost. 

After your passport is re-issued, go to the immigration office for the final 
procedure called "the petition for transfer of endorsement". This procedure is to 
request the Immigration Bureau to affix on your re-issued passport the necessary 
stamps and the stickers that will reflect your date of entry in Japan, resident 
status, validity of the status, and validity of re-entry permit if applicable. Since 
your re-issued passport has no such data, the ways to go through this procedure 
need bring about several problems. This is a very important procedure to prove the 
legality of your stay in Japan. The procedure of petition for transfer of 
endorsement is also a must when you renew your passport, otherwise you will need 
to carry your old and new passport all the time. In the immigration office, get the 
application form and fill in your name, birthday, birthplace, address, nationality and 
the new and the old passport numbers. Submit the filled application form with your 
re-issued passport and certificate of alien registration card. The processing is free 
of charge. 

Once you are aware that your passport got lost or stolen, be sure to attend all 
necessary procedures we just mentioned without delay. Because the procedures 
become more difficult and more complex as time passes. 

Now, there are other important points to remember. If you find your passport after 
filing the lost article report or theft report to the police, be sure to notify the 
police immediately. If you failed do so, you might be suspected of carrying a missing 
or stolen passport because the report of lost or theft in the database of the police 
department is retained. Also, in case you lost your passport in a fire or due to a 
natural disaster like an earthquake, a typhoon, or a flooding, a specific certificate 
will be issued at the fire department or divisional offices respectively. You need to 
go through the same procedures as in the case of the stolen or the lost passport 
that I mentioned earlier in the program. To avoid going through these procedures, it 
is best to keep your passport in a safe place. It is also advised to always keep a 
copy of all the pages that contains important information in your passport. 

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